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Data Protection

Privacy Notice

The Elders’ Meeting is responsible for ensuring that your personal details in its possession are held securely and only used for the legitimate business of St Andrew’s. The Elders’ Meeting has reviewed the new 2018 legislation and concluded that its current practices meet the requirements of the legislation. Individuals are now, however, given far more rights than hitherto over the recording and usage of their personal details. This is a new part of the legislation.

In response to the new legislation the Elders’ Meeting has drawn up a Privacy Notice which explains how it handles your personal details, and this is shown below. It is a specific requirement of the legislation that the Elders’ Meeting needs to bring to your attention that you have the right to object to the use of your personal details in certain circumstances.

If you have any concerns over the use of your personal details, then please contact the Church Secretary.

[b]Privacy Policy

The Elders’ Meeting (Elders and minister) of St Andrew’s URC collects information from its members and adherents and retains that information to use for its legitimate interests: these include being able to inform members and adherents and as appropriate their children of the activities of the Church and to properly manage the affairs of the Church in accordance with the requirements of the United Reformed Church’s Basis of Union and the law.

The Elders’ Meeting does not share with or provide your information to any other entity, except as required by law, regulatory authorities, legal advisors or other competent URC authority.

The Elders’ Meeting retains your personal information only for as long as it considers necessary. Except in the case of members we will normally erase personal information when contact has ceased for more than 7 years subject to the requirements of child protection and any outstanding legal issues or complaints.

The Elders’ Meeting wishes to hold accurate information and you have a right to know what information is held and to require any errors to be corrected. You may ask the Elders’ Meeting not to use your information or to erase your information provided this does not hinder the Elders’ Meeting in properly managing the affairs of the Church. If you have a complaint, then you also have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner.

If you require any further information about how we handle the data or to exercise any of the rights described above, please contact

The Church Secretary
St Andrew's, Glencrutchery Road, Douglas