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The United Reformed Church was formed at the union of the English Presbyterian Church, the English Congregational Church and the Churches of Christ.

If you are from a Scottish or Irish Presbyterian background then you will find the United Reformed Church on the Island to be your natural 'home'.

There are two URC congregations on the island;

St Andrew's, Glencrutchery Road, Douglas (on the left in our banner picture above), and Trinity, Waterloo Road, Ramsey (on the right above).

St Andrew's service on Sunday is 11.00, Trinity 's is at 10.30.

St Andrew's has an active Sunday School and a crèche is available. St Andrew's also runs regular Messy Church Sessions.

Details of how to find each church can be found in their individual sections of this website.


Trinity Church has BIG NEWS!!

URC Isle of Man has a Facebook page; HERE IT IS. It is updated/added to more or less weekly and has a lot of pictures.

Contact numbers

Rev Dawn Mather is the island's URC minister - her phone number is 629202 or you can contact her by e-mail BY CLICKING HERE. The two churches can be contacted individually via the Church Secretaries :St Andrew's Church Secretary is Mrs Pat Robertson. She can be contacted by e-mail BY CLICKING HERE
Trinity Church's Secretary is Mr Andrew Cole. He can be contacted on (01624) 898377 (answerphone), or by e-mail BY CLICKING HERE
This website is maintained by St Andrew's Church Elder Mrs. Voirrey Johnson - e-mails relating to the website can be sent to her BY CLICKING HERE
St Andrew's Data Protection policy can be found here.

Children and young people.

Children and young people.

St Andrew's and Trinity try hard to be a child-friendly Churches. Children of all ages are welcome to stay in Church for the whole service, but usually they leave during the service for activities more suitable for their ages.

At St Andrew's Pre-school children have a crèche, with lots of toys. School age children have Sunday School.

Trinity operate a Sunday school for the 5 to 11 age group, and crèche facilities are available if needed.

On Holiday on the Island?

On Holiday on the Island?
Anyone visiting the Island is always very welcome to join either church for Sunday Worship.

How to find us directions can be found for both churches in their own section.

Fair trade

Fair trade
St Andrew's regularly have a Traidcraft stall in church, run by Mrs Margaret Walton.

(The occasional non-fairtrade items in the church kitchens are donations - we do not feel that we can refuse gifts, but we would encourage all members of Church to buy fairly traded goods wherever they can.)