URC Isle of Man


Through out the year we have a regular, small, Sunday School during morning service, with Family Services at intervals throughout the year.  Lessons use the Roots plan, and tend to include making and doing things. 

A favourite picture from our Family Nativity Service at Christmas 2021;

Nativity 2021

This is almost everyone who was involved, although we seem to have lost one small shepherd and his sheep by this point.

Messy Church

We hold quarterly Messy Church sessions on a Saturday afternoon.  

Here are some pictures from our April 9th Messy Church, where our theme was Easter and Palm Sunday. This  was also the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of St Andrew's Messy Church.  We made palm branches to wave during the story of Dave the Donkey, and some donkey shaped cookies.  


chicken card

Easter chick cards, and Easter bunny head bands - sometimes the dads get very involved...


We also had a palm hunt, which took families around the church on garden to spot all the different pictures of palm leaves - spot them all and the reward was a small bag of chocolate eggs!  Daniel

And then an active session with Daniel as well - 



 After the story of Dave the Donkey we had a proper party tea - including a 10th birthday cake that was made by Viv.   Voirrey has helped organise all our Messy church sessions     and so was allowed to blow out the candles!



blows out cake candles

Although it feels as if it was quite a while ago, this is just to remember that we tried to keep in touch with our families during the lockdown period of the pandemic.  Last Easter we sent out a small pack, including a book, an Easter card, chocolate and the things needed for a basic Easter craft, to both our Sunday school families and some of the Messy Church families who asked to join in.  This is the video made to go with the craft - 

Safeguarding.  The Church Elder with responsibility for Safeguarding is Mrs. Voirrey Johnson.