URC Isle of Man


Revd Dawn.

Sunday Services are held in church at 11.00 each week.  

 Feel free to wear a mask or not as you feel happiest.  We ask that others recognise your choice, whichever it is, and also respect personal space by leaving space between groups.  When the weather permits we have the doors open and the fans on.

T.T. Festival.

As usual St Andrew's is caught up in the T.T. Festival, providing refreshments and friendship for spectators.  Thank you to everyone who is helping, whether to do the shopping, make food, serve it, bake cakes, and keep everything clean - and help all through the two week period is greatly appreciated.


There is a URC service for Pentecost available on the Online Worship page.

 The minister's current Pastoral Letter is available to read on the News Page, as are the current rotas for St Andrew's.

Pictures from Easter Messy Church are on the family page.

We have  a St Andrew's Facebook page which is regularly updated.  You do not need to have ae. Facebook account to access it.

If you're struggling or need a friendly ear to chat to on the phone, we're here to help during these times. Contact your Elder, or our minister, Rev. Dawn Mather, on 629202.

You may find a copy of our Privacy Policy here,  and  the URC statement on Safeguarding can be found here.