URC Isle of Man


Sunday 25th April;  We  recommenced our Sunday services on Sunday, April 25th at 11.00am.  

Revd. Dawn requested that that we sit in every other row in the Church and that we leave a seat between those who are from different households.  Mask wearing is encouraged but optional.

 May 2nd; There was a problem with the recording of today's service and so it was not possible to upload it to the website.

Easter Services. The services recorded for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Day will remain on the Online Worship page during April to allow you to return and reflect. 

Easter was celebrated in so many different ways - 

Doorway with cross.

 This is the door at Trinity Church, Douglas.  And this photo is from Shetland, where members of the congregation were able to gather for their service, although not allowed to sing, and each brought a flower for the cross. 

  Minister with floral cross

Meanwhile, at our Church building, spring is springing -

The pots at the front door

     Tubs of flowers at the front door - photo courtesy of Chris Quine.

Revd. Dawn's Pastoral letter for April is on the News Page.

We have  a St Andrew's Facebook page which is regularly updated.  You do not need to have ae. Facebook account to access it.

If you're struggling or need a friendly ear to chat to on the phone, we're here to help during these times. Contact your Elder, or our minister, Rev. Dawn Mather, on 629202.

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